SEVENTY EIGHT PERCENT of journalists want press releases and story pitches, Cision’s 2021 State of the Media report.

BUT, whether they actually read the release and or decide to cover a story depends on its delivery—is it well-written? Is it timely? Is it relevant? Is it being pitched to the correct outlet? Is your press release effective or is it just another piece of paper clogging the wire?

An Effective PR Consultant:

  • Makes sure messaging is inline with goals and overall company image
  • Scours relevant markets for trends and takes note of what’s working, and what isn’t
  • Can take a crisis situation and turn damaging PR into something positive …

Because truth be told, all PR is not good PR. Bad PR is just that—bad. And it can destroy a company’s reputation overnight when left to smolder. So whether you’re looking to have a simple press release written, wanting to launch a blog for the first time, need help creating a social media campaign, or something else, I hope you’ll consider hiring me for your PR needs.

“If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR.” ~ Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft

Hourly Rate $75

  • Single Press Release (400 words): 4 hours
  • Press Release Distribution (up to 10 local and regional outlets): 6 hours
  • Media Pitch Feature Story: 10 to 15 hours
  • Executive Bios (350-450 words): 3 hours per person
  • Single Social Media Post (optimized for Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter): 2 hours
  • Week-Long Social Media Hit: 8 hours
  • Large-Scale Social Media Campaign: 20-40 hours
  • Brand Development: 20-40 hours
  • Blog Launch: 20-40 hours
  • Brochure Development/Editing: 10-30 hours
  • Newsletter Launch/Development: 30-40 hours
  • Article Writing for Publication (1,200-1,500 words) 8-15 hours
  • Brand Development: By retainer, inquire for pricing